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Dean Johanesen - 24 Hour Men shows at the Ale & the Witch and Fogartyville Cafe


Howdy folks and Happy last week of March to you.

I had an insanely busy week last week with shows all over Tampa bay and as far north as Tallahassee.

This week coming up will not be as busy, but I have some great shows coming up including a couple events with the band. More on that after the following…


To The Venues  - The Cottage, The Straz for booking me at Hillsborough Day, Stirling Wine, Bradenton Farmer's Market, Brew Hub & The Sundial in St. Pete.

Special thanks to Joel from the Straz for booking me for the Hillsborough event and for driving me all the way up and back to Tallahasse for the show.

Special thanks also to everyone at the Sundial for booking me this past Sunday for the first time at their Sunday Brunch event. The Sundial has live music every Sunday from 12-3pm with different artists providing live entertainment for the restaurants on the 2nd level. Stop on by and have a listen.

To you - Thanks to all of you as always for the support, friendship, etc. I really enjoyed seeing you at the shows this past week and weekend and I thank you all that keep sharing event pages too.


Wed 29 - The Cottage @ 6 PM Sarasota, FL   


Thu 30 - The Cottage @ 12 PM  - Sarasota, FL           


Thu 30 - Dean Johanesen & the 24 Hour Men - The Ale and the Witch @ 8:30  - 11 PM - St Pete. https://www.facebook.com/events/107080089828393/

Fri 31 - Ringling Museum - Wine Walk fund raising event with Jun Bustamante and

Tickets available here - https://www.ringling.org/events/wine-walk-ca-dzan 

Sat April 1st - Fresco’s @ 9pm - Lakeland, FL


Sun April 2nd - Fogartyville @ 6pm - Dean Johanesen and the 24 Hour Men w/ Resonant Rogues from Asheville, NC - Sarasota, FL


ALE AND WITCH w/ The 24 Hour Men - Thursday March 30th

I have 2 shows with the band this week. This Thursday at The Ale and The Witch in St. Pete and this Sunday at Fogartyville in Sarasota.

Thursday will be an 8:30-11pm show with the trio. We are excited for the first gig at this great venue and we will be doing 2 sets that night. No cover, all ages, live music, hopefully some dancing and some delicious craft beers served up by the awesome staff at the Ale and The Witch.

More info about the other event down below!!



This coming Sunday I will be at Fogartyville for the first time with the trio as Dean Johanesen and The 24 Hour Men. We have special guests the Resident Rogues from Asheville, NC joining us to open the show and our good friend Rolf Hellum will be painting live.

This is the first time I have been able to do a band show at Fogartyville and also one of the first times I have been able to bring this themed event to Sarasota.

Dress up Sunday in 20’s and 30’s attire and receive a raffle ticket for a prize at the end of the night.

Purchase a ticket for Rolf’s painting being made right in front of your eyes and you may be taking home an original piece of artwork created at this show.

For more on the resident Rogues, visit the following - https://theresonantrogues.com/

For a feel of what these nights look like, visit the following link to my gallery frpm one of the last Speakeasy / Prohibition nights here - http://www.deanjohanesen.com/band/home.gallery.htm?galleryId=1115

Grab your tickets in advance here - https://squareup.com/market/wslr-inc/item/dean-johanesen-and-the-hour-men

I really hope you can join us for this show to support the Rogues on tour, see Rolf’s amazing artistry happen before your eyes and also hear the trio perform for together for the first time in Sarasota.


This past Sunday I was back at Zen Recording with Steve Connelly working on the record. This session was booked to bring in the Jazz Phools for added horn parts on the songs.

These guys tracked trombone, trumpet and clarinet for 4 songs on the new record. 2 of the songs have trombone and trumpet parts added and 2 songs with trombone and clarinet.

I am really excited about how everything was sounding Sunday. I added a picture and a short video on Instagram which you can view and listen to by going to my site here - http://instagram.com/deanjohanesen#

My thanks to The Jazz Phools for adding such great melodies to the songs and for playing to the vibe, the lyrics, the story and the sound of the music so well.

Special thanks to Jay form the group for writing the charts out and to Steve for suggesting I reach out to these guys.

Check out the Jazz Phools here - https://www.thejazzphools.com/


Alright, that is a lot this week, but there is a ton going on and I am excited to tell you all about it.

I hope to see you at the shows this week, especially Sunday at Fogartyville. It would mean a great deal to me to have you out for that show.

Much love and thanks for your support - Dean

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