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Dean Johanesen - Happy St. Patrick's Day - March dates


Hello friends and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you.

I am off this weekend but I thought I would try to catch up on the weekly email and let you know what I have coming up for the rest of March.

I am adding the dates and event pages for what I have the rest of this month here right after the following…


To The Venues  - The Cottage, The Pink Piano & The Hideaway Cafe

To The Artists - Thanks to Cari Ray for asking me to open her show at Hideaway Café this past Saturday. Thanks also to Jason Baker for sitting in with me on violin at Pink Piano and the Hideaway Café.

Unfortunately the turn out was pretty low for the Hideaway Cafe show, but I loved working with Jason and felt this duo set Saturday was one of my favorite performances in quite some time. Cari put on a really great show too. Hopefully we can do that again in the near future.

Here is a clip from a tune Jason and I played at Pink Piano with a floor full of dancers - https://www.instagram.com/p/BRf2aRrBGq3/?taken-by=deanjohanesen

To you - Thanks, as always to you all for the support and friendship. I appreciate it very much.

THIS WEEK & beyond

I have some changes happening with a move coming up and I am not sure how easy it will be to keep in touch over the next couple weeks so here is a list of dates and event pages to take us through the rest of March.

Mon 20 - The Hub Baja Grill @ 12:00 PM - Siesta Key    


Tue 21 - The Cottage @ 6:00 PM  - Siesta Key


Thu 23 - The Cottage @ 12:00 PM - Siesta Key


Fri 24 - Stirling Wine @ 7:30 PM  - Dunedin, FL     


Sat 25 - Bradenton Farmer's Market @ 10:30 AM - Bradenton, FL   


Sat 25 - Brew Hub @ 7:00 PM - Lakeland, FL


Sun 26 - The Sundial @ 12:00 PM - St. Pete.


Wed 29 - The Cottage @ 6:00 PM Sarasota, FL     


Thu 30 - The Cottage @ 12:00 PM  - Sarasota, FL  


Thu 30 - Dean Johanesen & the 24 Hour Men - The Ale and the Witch @ 8:30 PM - St Pete. https://www.facebook.com/events/107080089828393/


That will do it for this edition of the weekly. I will be pretty busy next week but I will do my best to check in again on the early side.

I hope you all have a great weekend and a very safe and Happy St. Patricks Day.

Much love - Dean

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