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Dean Johanesen - Valentines at Mermaid Tavern plus Siesta, SRQ & Lakeland this week and weekend.


Howdy friends! 

I hope you all had a great weekend. I have a pretty full schedule for this week with shows from tonight through Friday so I will get right to my attitude of gratitude here…


To The Venues  - The Hub Baja Grill, The Cottage, St. Petersburg Preservation Society, Poisonville Song series, SRQ Farmers Market & Tweed Ride 2017

Special thanks to Carrie from the Tweed Ride 2017 for inviting us out as well as everyone at the St. Pete Shuffleboard Courts. Also, Thanks to Jeff and Allison for inviting me to perform for the Preservation Society event this past Wednesday.

To The Artists - Thanks to Max Kelly and Mark Pezzo of the 24 Hour Men for joining me at the Tweed Ride Event this past weekend. We made it through our 3rd of 4th gig together and had a chance to run our own sound as well as play 2 sets for the first time.

The response was great and we enjoyed seeing so many folks dressed up for the Tweed Ride. Also, it was great to see so many people dancing. There is an early view of a few dancers before the night really got going on my FB page. You can follow this link to check that out - https://www.facebook.com/deanjohanesen/posts/1297597157001449

To you - My thanks to all of you that have made it out to the shows this week and weekend. Special thanks to Mark Cracker for stopping by the Cottage and taking some pictures.

Thanks to everyone who continues to share my event pages and posts as well, I really appreciate the help spreading the word.


Tue 14 - Mermaid Tavern @ 7 PM - Tampa, FL



Mermaid Tavern page - https://www.facebook.com/events/1049306451841982/

Wed 15 - The Cottage @ 6 PM  - Sarasota, FL


Thurs 16 - LBar @ 7 PM - Sarasota


Fri 17 - Brew Hub @ 7 PM - Lakeland, FL


Mon 20 - The Hub Baja Grill @ 12 PM - Siesta Key, FL



A quick note about my show at Mermaid Tavern This evening. The Tavern has put together a special 3 course meal for tonight. I believe they will be doing more table service for those that take part in that special menu too.

The food here is amazing by the way. Seriously delicious, dangerously good stuff!

You can still come and order off the regular menu, grab a beer or glass of wine, listen to some live music and you do not have to have a date for the event either.

Swing on by solo or with friends and I will be performing from 7-9:30pm. I am looking forward to being back at Mermaid and I hope to see you there tonight.

Here is the event page Mermaid Tavern put together. Note the moon in the graphic here is supposed to be me. J


Special thanks to Mermaid Tavern for the invite to do this event with them. I also appreciate their support in terms of promoting the show and I believe they ran the event graphic as an ad in the Creative Loafing so look for that out there too.


That will do it for this week. I hope to see you in Seminole Heights for Valentines Day. If not I will be out on Siesta Key Wednesday, in Sarasota Thursday and in Lakeland Friday.

Happy Valentines Day and much love to you all - Dean

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